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    Transcript of the press conference of Alexey Pichugins lawyers and human rights activist L. A. Ponomarev | 29 Feb 2008

    Lev Ponomarev, Kseniya Kostromina, Dmitry KurepinLEV PONOMAREV

    Human rights community of Russia has called all sacrifices of the «Yukos case» political prisoners. I must say that it was not an ordinary event, because we know how public opinion is inclined regarding the sacrifices of the «Yukos case». Nevertheless, human rights activists practically unanimously admitted all the people who suffered in the «Yukos case» political prisoners. We have addressed our request to the «Amnesty International» to examine this question. The «Amnesty International» shows prudence, there are certain circumstances why they act like this. But I know that this question was examined there very carefully, I hope, that some day we will gain a victory and the «Amnesty International» will also admit them political prisoners.

    Pichugins case in the European Court of Human Rights: the answers are given, but the questions remained | 13 Nov 2007

    Kseniya Kostromina  Novaya GazetaThe government of the Russian Federation has submitted to the European Court of Human Rights a Memorandum with regard to the case of the former employee of the «Yukos» oil company Alexey Pichugin. This news was imparted to the portal HRO.org by the lawyer of the convict Kseniya Kostromina.

    Strasbourg waits for Russian response | 5 Sep 2007

    The European Court for Human RightsThe lawyers of former Yukos employee, Aleksey Pichugin placed at the disposal of journalists questions from the European Court for Human Rights to the government of the Russian Federation. These deal with the first Aleksey Pichugin criminal case over the disappearance of Tambov businessmen, Sergey and Olga Gorina. These questions were drafted on June 5 2007 based on the complaints Pichugin and his lawyers filed in Strasbourg. The Russian government is to reply to them before the end of September. After that, the lawyers will present their counter-arguments and the European Court will decide on the merits of the case.

    As was reported earlier by lawyer Kseniya Kostromoina, the defence had called the attention of the Strasbourg court to the violations of Articles 3 (Prohibition of torture), 5 (Right to life, liberty and security of person) and 6 (Right to fair trial) of the European Convention on Human Rights.

    Court session with regard to Alexey Pichugins case on July, 17, 2007 | 17 Jul 2007

    Alexey PichuginOn the 17-th of July, 2007 in the Moscow City Court the hearings of arguments with regard to Alexey Pichugins case have been finished. At the beginning of the session the victim Evgeny Rybin has made a declaration. In his emotional speech he has characterized the «Yukos» oil company as a criminal organization and has stated that he fully agrees with the public prosecutions position. After that, there have spoken the lawyers of the convict, having stated that the charges brought against him were not confirmed during the judicial investigation and having called the judge to pronounce a judgment of acquittal. Then, Alexey Pichugin has been given a last plea. The judge Peter Shtunder has called a date and a time of the sentences proclaiming  the 6-th of August 2007, 2 oclock p.m.

    Cassation appeal of the defence to the judgment of conviction of the Moscow City court, pronounced on the 17-th of August 2006 | 14 Feb 2007

    At the court session of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation on the 14-th of February, 2007 Alexey Pichugins lawyers presented a cassation appeal against the judgment of conviction (from 17.08.06), stated on 89 sheets. We site a fragment of this appeal.

    On 21 August 2006, the lawyers of Alexey Pichugin appealed the decision in High Court | 21 Aug 2006

    Kseniya Kostromina. Photo Novaya GazetaOn 21 August 2006, the defence of Alexey Pichugin, sentenced to 24 years of deprivation from liberty in the colony of strict regime, made a cassation against the verdict of Moscow State Court to High Court of RF. As it was informed by the High Court, the defence of the other defendants also appealed against the verdict. The date of consideration of the cassation will be available later.

    The speech of defence and the last word of Alexey Pichugin | 27 Jul 2006

    Georgiy Kaganer27 July 2006 at Moscow State Court the debates of second trial against Alexey Pichugin were closed. The speeches of Alexey Pichugin and Mikhail Ovsyannikov legal defendants were made. The last word was given to the accused. The Judge Vladimir Usov appointed the date of bringing in a verdict  17 August 2006.

    European Court of Human Rights | 30 Mar 2005

    European Court of Human Rights

    On the 20th of November 2003 Aleksey Pichugin defense lawyer filed an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. The appeal was caused by Prosecutor Generals refuse to allow the immediate medical examination of their client and by „refusal in immediate medical assistance to Pichugin“.

    On the 30 of March 2005 defense lawyer Ksenia Kostromina made the following statement: „We are sure that we have all the grounds to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights with an additional complaint to substantiate the infringement of Pichugins right of a fair trial“.

    Dmitry Kurepin | 19 Jun 2003

    Dmitry Kurepin was born in 1966.

    Education: Higher juridical (Academy of Home Ministry of Russian Federation).

    Lawer of Moscow Regional Bar Association

    Specialization: Criminal Law, Civil Law.

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