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    Alexey Pichugin thanks the people sent congratulations with his 44th birthday and notes of encouragement | 30 Jul 2006

     «I was deeply touched with your congratulations, attention, support and countenance. I bless all who are with me in this hard time for us from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for all kind, sound and honest people who find a might in themselves to take sober view of existent situation“.

    The speech of defence and the last word of Alexey Pichugin | 27 Jul 2006

    Georgiy Kaganer27 July 2006 at Moscow State Court the debates of second trial against Alexey Pichugin were closed. The speeches of Alexey Pichugin and Mikhail Ovsyannikov legal defendants were made. The last word was given to the accused. The Judge Vladimir Usov appointed the date of bringing in a verdict – 17 August 2006.

    On the 44th birthday of Pichugin the public prosecutor Kashaev required the court for him lifetime imprisonment | 25 Jul 2006

    Kamil KashaevOn the 25th of July, when Pichugin was 44 – this was his 4th birthday at imprisonment, — the trial reached a new stage: debates started.

    The prosecutor Kamil Kashaev made an accusing speech. She declared that, in the opinion, of GenProsecution, the court was presented with the evidence of creation by Alexey Pichugin, Leonid Nevzlin and „other unestablished persons of „YUKOS“ management“ of an organized criminal group. Kashaev called the court to appoint for Alexey Pichugin a penalty in the form of lifetime imprisonment in the colony of particular regime.

    The accused Mikhail Ovsyannikov: testimonies against Pichugin were made under pressure | 17 Jul 2006

    Mikhail Ovsyannikov (in centre). Photo KommersantThe second trial against Alexey Pichugin, continuing at Moscow State Court, presently is transitioning into new stage. The examinations of accused are coming to the end and the debates are opening.

    On 17 July 2006 hearing Alexey Pichugin and Mikhail Ovsyannikov had the floor. Furthermore, the calligraphy expert invited by the defence presented the court a conclusion of calligraphic expertise the results of which are included into the case.

    11 July 2006 session | 11 Jul 2006

    Gennady TsigelnikSession held on 11 July 2006 began with an incident. The commodore, Ministry of internal Affairs mayor, tried to prevent the communication between Aleksey Pichugin and his lawyer Georgy Kaganer through the window of the cell. The judge Vladimir Usov issued a reprimand only after Georgy Kaganer made a protest against the occurred.

    During the whole day of the session the accused Gennady Tsigelnik spoke. He acknowledged his guilt of the murder of the mayor of Nefteugansk Vladimir Petuhov, of the attempt on the life of executive officer of the company „Rosprom“ Viktor Kolesov, and of two attempts on the entrepreneur Evgeny Ribin.

    Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area prosecution office: the murderer of Nefteugansk mayor is established | 4 Jul 2006

    NefteuganskThe session of 4 July 2006 began with the submission by the defense of requests to read a number of documents from the case papers. The judge Vladimir Usov refused the most part of them under pretence of the fact that „this document is not related to the case“ or „that is not a document“. For what reasons those papers were subjoined to the case remained unclear.

    26 June 2006 session | 26 Jun 2006

    Photo RBCCourt proceedings against Aleksey Pichugin entered the new phase: witnesses invited by the defense began to give testimony. About 300 witnesses from Moscow, Nefteugansk, Tambov and other cities – employees of oil company „YUKOS“, representatives of the local authority, etc. will have to face the court. 

    26 June 2006 former deputy head of information-analytical department of „YUKOS“ Anatoly Kaliman gave testimony.

    19 June 2006 session | 19 Jun 2006

    Alexey PichuginIn the session of 19 June 2006 circumstances of attempts on life of the executive officer of „Rosprom“ company Viktor Kolesov in 1998 and on life of the employee of Moscow mayor’s office Olga Kostina in 1999 were considered. Former inhabitants of Tambov Pavel Popov and Igor Korovnikov, presently serving their sentence in the institutions of confinement, spoke as witnesses for prosecution.

    8 June 2006 session | 8 Jun 2006

    municipal court. Photo mos-gorsud.ruIn the session held on
    8 June 2006 the case papers were read as regards the murder of the mayor of Nefteugansk Vladimir Petuhov and the attempt on the life of entrepreneur Eugenie Ribin in 1999.

    5 June 2006 session | 5 Jun 2006

    Alexey Pichugin. Photo ITAR-TASSOn the 5th of June consideration of circumstances of the attempts on life of the Nefteugansk mayor Vladimir Petuhov continued. Many of the witnesses for prosecution for unknown reasons did not come to the court, therefore the session lasted only for a half of the working day (till 2 p.m.).

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